2011 Results

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Top Trophies

Winery of the Year

Jeff Runquist Wines

To the winery whose multiple entries achieve broad commendation in many categories
Sponsored by Tasters’ Guild

Small Winery of the Year

Pollak Vineyards

To the winery whose multiple entries achieve broad commendation in many categories from a limited production

Value Winery of the Year

Barefoot Cellars

To the winery whose multiple entries represent the best overall value and quality
Sponsored by Wines and Vines Magazine

Terroir Award

Augusta Winery

To the winery that displays the best regional character in its wines

International Riesling Foundation Trophies for Best Rieslings

Sweepstakes Winners

  • Sweepstakes Sparkling Wine – Gloria Ferrer – 1999 Brut, Carneros Cuvee’
    “Nice, rich and very nutty. Complex, sweet aroma. Shows no sign of its age. A classic!”
    – Christian Roguenant, Wine Judge
  • Sweepstakes Rose Wine – JoieFarm – 2010 Pinot Noir Rose
    “Young, fresh with aromatic notes of banana that makes this a classic Pinot Noir Rose. Bright and balanced with pure fruit flavors!”
    – Mitch Cosentino, Wine Judge
  • Sweepstakes White Wine – Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards – 2009 Dry Gewurztraminer
    “Bull’s eye on varietal’s floral and spice characteristics; fruity and fleshy. Will turn on neophytes to Gewurztraminer.”
    – Mike Dunne, Wine Judge
  • Sweepstakes Red Wine – Fenestra – 2007 Petite Sirah, Ghielmetti Vineyard
    “Judges agree that this is a spot-on perfect Petite Sirah – balanced, structured, food friendly and able to lay down five years, easy. Bravo!”
    – Wes Hagen, Wine Judge
  • Sweepstakes Dessert Wine – Equifera – 2008 Vidal Ice Wine
    “Great fruit that holds up to the sugar. Honeyed notes.”
    – Bob Foster, Wine Judge