2008 Riverside International Wine Competition

This year's competition was staged at the Riverside Marriott, the location where the judges stayed. The judges evaluated 2614 wines and then another 63 sweepstakes wines, before the conclusion of the event.

This year we have made some exciting changes to the results site which will allow you to export results to Excel, print a certificate, print shelf-talkers, print bottle lables, and more. For details on all of the changes, see the two help links on the left-hand menu.

  • To get started, choose top awards or all awards.
  • You may sort the results list by clicking on any title heading in the list. To reverse the sort, simply click again.
  • You may search the results via the quick search box or choose advanced search for advanced search options.
  • To print a detailed list, choose printer friendly from the top of any page - this option will reflect any search / sort criteria.
  • The export to Excel option is available on the top of every results page - this option will reflect any search / sort critera.

    Congratulations to the winners!

    *Please note, some Internet Explorer users have reported that the search box and advanced search link overlap. To fix this, make sure your zoom is set to 100 percent - the zoom control is located at the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

    Winery of the Year Trophy

    To the winery whose multiple entries achieve broad commendation in many categories

    Sponsored by Tasters' Guild

    Carol Shelton Wines

    Kendall-Jackson Vintners Reserve

    Sweepstakes Awards

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